Nicholas M. Jenkins is an artist, drummer, composer, and illustrator, and sound designer currently residing in South Carolina.

Upon receiving a BA in Music Performance from the College of Charleston in 2005, Jenkins spent the next few years investing in the music and art scenes of Charleston, SC to Brooklyn, NY as well as Columbia, SC – building relationships with experimental performers, directors, and multi-media event organizers; fueling future happenings with community engagements in the arts.

While being open to the universe’s constant invitations to collaborate via experimental music, Jenkins has been able to enjoy many experiences (regionally and internationally) through working with great artists, mentors and heroes alike – including: Heart&Plugs Record Label, Young Jean Lee Theatre Company, Bang On A Can, Jazz Artists Of Charleston, Redux Contemporary Art Center, Halsey Institute, 701CCA, the Nickelodeon Theatre, and The Power Company Collaborative.